Gustav Becker clock

Gustav Becker clock
I have a Gustav Becker Parlor clock that was a wedding gift to my Grandparents who were married in January 1920. I would like to know when it was built, its catalogue number, etc.


It is very similar to the clocks illustrated in the book The Gustav Becker Story by K Kochmann on plate 34, page 53.

Case and face

The case is a dark wood and 78cm high, 32cm wide and 16cm deep. Above the face is some wooden relief and below the face are three rectangular bevelled glass panes.
The numbers on the face are Arabic not Roman.


It has (at least) an 8 day wind up mechanism.

Back Plate

Has the SILESIA coat of arms.
Has P48 stamped on it which I believe means that the pendulum length is 48cm.
Scratched on by hand is A475T and there is no other serial number. The lack of serial number suggests that it may have been built after Gustav Becker was bought out by Junghans in 1925 but that conflicts with the information that it was a wedding gift in 1920.
There is no Medallion d'Ur present.
Sketch of back plate.


It chimes on the hour and on the half hour.
The 'Gong' has 4 rods that are hit by 4 hammers and "Harfen-Gong" and "GB" cast in the iron base of the four chimes. It is similar to the one illustrated in the book The Gustav Becker Story by K Kochmann, page 99, the exception being that mine does not have the letters D.R.P. (Deutsches Reich Patent?) as in the illustration.
Sketch of Gong


Please, if you know anything about Gustav Becker clocks, please email me at (auf Deutsch geht auch !)
Updated 25 February 2002
Dale Schultz