Dale Schultz

Cape Griffon in flight

Cape Griffon © Dale Schultz 1996-2018


I am a keen wildlife photographer, amateur ornithologist and Märklin model train enthusiast who likes listening to music by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, The DOORS, etc.
I spend a lot of time with tame Red Squirrels

Ongoing projects


Here is my train layout that I am building.

I created animated sign software called my RemoteSign that you can download and try out.


I am tracing my family history as well as Debbie's tree. I also have a page dedicated the Schreib family tree.


Find out more about my voltaic slide inductor.

I am trying to find out more about my Gustav Becker clock.

Anecdotes etc.

Here is a description of my Military experiences in the SADF 1984 - 1985

Places I have lived and some of the people I have met during my life.

Schools I have attended or at which I have taught.

Contact, etc.

Mail Old friends from my days at Westville Boy's High School, University of Natal days in Durban, South Africa or the years spent in Munich, Germany are especially invited to make contact.

We live on Lake Arrowhead in Limerick, Maine

My calendar

(details are not shown, just when I have something starting at a specific time. All day events don't show up)


Here is my resume (http://resume.mixmox.com).

Updated 11 Septemeber 2018